Word Press Getting Started and Changing the Permalinks.

When I first started using Word Press, I had a little help from someone. As I learned more on my own, and had more sites. There was one thing that I had wished I had learned early on. That is regarding changing the Permalink settings. This is under Settings when you are in the Dashboard in the admin panel of WP.

These are the defaul settings: ?p=123 is the post.

When you are sending out links about your post that is what people will see. ?p=123.

That is probably not what you want. Instead, you can pick monthandname, or dayandname options, then it will give the name of the post, and also the month or day depending on what you choose. I like to choose the month and the name.

Here is a sample of what the post will look like then.


This is much better for people to read your links and such.

The reason why this is so important to take of in the beginning is because when you start sending out links to your site, the links will be invalid, after you change the permalink settings later. So all those posts which posted on the default permalink settings, will later be invalid if you change it down the road FYI.