Facebook Virus Links

Oh those hackers are so good!  They really get people!

Here are some tips to avoid getting spammed, hacked or otherwise on Facebook.

If you see a link, which peaks your curiosity, and promises to some juicy information, don’t click on it.   Some examples are; finding out who is stalking you, or find out how the girl got busted also,  and free products that are too good to be true.  I fell for that one, free makeup.  I saw it on my wall, and followed the link.  A friend had been hacked and posted it on my wall.

Another clever trick by hackers, is a promise to reveal shocking information, once you follow the link.  If you want some shocking information, just find the local newspaper online and read that.

If one of your friends in FB, who normally never posts anything, posts on several walls, including yours, most likely they are spreading a virus and their account has been compromised.  They may not know they are sending it out.  Nor does it  appear on their wall, only other peoples.  Sometimes, you may want to ask that person if in fact they did post that.  You will find they did not , and were unaware they are posting it.  That is the genius of hackers.

You can delete this unwanted post from your wall.  If you rest your mouse to the right of that actual post you will see a small X appear, and you can click on that to remove the post.

Change your password often with Facebook.  Make sure it is 7+ characters (they recommend 12) with upper and lower case, letters, numbers, and symbols.   It happens to the best of us getting spammed, hacked, etc.  It even happens to the owner of Facebook, so there is little getting around it.

Be cautious of what you click on in Facebook, via the email, or via the wall posts.  If you have any doubts don’t click on it.  You can probably do without whatever information  or product is being promised.   You can also contact that person via Facebook and ask them about the link and whether or not it is legitimate.

Good Luck!  If you have any question please ask.