Web Browser and Search Engine Tips

Website Address bar vs. Search Engine search bar.  For many people web browsers can be a challenge.  Yes, it’s true.

Some people are confused by the web site address when they have a specific url they have to enter to get to a specified page.  Often, they have the exact web site address, but put it in the search engine bar, and do a search for it.  When, since they have the actual url (or website address) , all they need to do it type it in the Web browser, address bar.

Below is a graphic and example if you are looking for a website address.  If you have the EXACT url or address, such as; ours below for our connect page.


You can type this in the Web Browser Address bar.  If you do not know the actual address, and need to find it, then you would type in the Search engine bar, the name, city, product, etc, in search of what you are looking for.


Address bar tool in search engine Google.
Address bar, and search bar.