Virus Links in FaceBook via Instant Messaging (IM)

Recently a friend in FaceBook posted a warning about a virus link that she got via an Instant Message.  The IM was from a friend of hers in FaceBook.

In the IM was the message, “Is this you?”,  with a link to a video app.

Most likely there is not video of you, if you want to be notified of someone actually tagging you in a video, then go to

Account Settings.  Then the tab Notifications.  If you scroll down you will see video.  You can have notifications sent to your phone also.

In the Notifications Tab you can select all different sorts of actions which will notify you via your phone or via email.  Everything from wall comments, to photos, pages, events, notes, links, whatever you want to be notified of in FaceBook.

Good Luck and watch out for those tempting links via email, Facebook and other forms of social media.